Community Empowerment

Our promise to make a difference is rooted in everything we do, make and perform.

Our commitment to social responsibility includes encouraging our employees to contribute to the communities, functioning our company in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner, and collaborating with clients to address societal issues.

We improve people's lives and empower communities

IJB understands that it must participate in the sustainable development of the communities in the countries where it operates and to help improve the quality of life of the people that live there.

Working Responsibly

We are dedicated to functioning our organization in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner. We support and respect the Human Rights, Environment, Labor, and Anti-Corruption Guidelines, and we integrate them into our practices and policies. Our Values, Code of Professional Conduct, and policies & practices pertaining to the environment, supply chain, people, and professional standards help us in fulfilling our commitments.

We believe in Growing Together

IJB is open for investment opportunities and also invites people to invest in our ventures across various segments. Our integration brings together the strengths with long, proud traditions – and lays the foundation for profitable growth into the future.

Our family-owned and operated heritage is reflected in the way our investors and associates feel truly secured and their confidence in our businesses is the sign of growth potential. Under the leadership of a management team with an open door policy, we embrace collaboration, teamwork, and respect as some of our core values towards growth.

Giving back to our communities

Another of our core values is generosity. We truly believe that our business is a platform for giving back to the community. Every year we work with multiple nonprofits and other organizations that are working towards various societal challenges and good deeds. Through pro bono service, board membership, and volunteering, we work to strengthen the impact and help them grow.

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